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Born and raised in the Canary Islands, for years, she portrayed stones, layers of strata, lava surfaces and textures through photography, especially macro, going deep inside of the materials.

Always in touch with visual languages and after finishing her bachelor's degree in Graphic Design in Barcelona, she travelled to scenic spots, such as Lanzarote or Iceland, places where she immersed herself in nature. Innately and self-taught, she began to experiment with natural materials, creating her own organic pigments, which led her to the development of her artistic project.


Her work, plastic geology, is based on the development of a close relationship with raw materials. She seeks to establish connections between traditional methods and contemporary art contexts.

Marena celebrates ancient materials, working intuitively and impulsively on her knees with a palette in her hand, using humble building materials as a medium or her own hands. Mainly with earth pigments, clay, sand, ashes and charcoal, texture appears as one of the protagonists of his work.

Faithful to the texture, she paints on large wooden board formats as the right support for introspection.


Marena García - who lives and works between Barcelona and a village close to nature - is inspired by the place where she lived as a child, by nature, especially volcanic landscapes. She says she is fascinated by the influence of arid, wild and stark beauty, which is directly reflected in her work.

She is motivated by the work of other artists from Canaries, from the emblematic figures of the avant-garde movements, such as César Manrique, to significant artists of the informalist abstraction of the fifties, such as Manuel Millares, or material experimental artists, such as Maribel Nazco.

Sensaciones del lugar
Filmmaker: Alberto García

Working process
Filmmaker: Alberto García


Group Show, Art Up Gallery, Barcelona /5-28 May 2022/
Group Show "Barcelona Summer Solstice Exhibition", Port Gallery, Barcelona /15-28 June 2022/
Group Show, Ballam Gallery, Barcelona /2022/
Solo Show “Pasiajes Rocosos”, Arkami Gallery, Zarautz /11 September - 11 December 2022/
Solo Show “Origen”, Amato Sole, Barcelona /30 March - 27 May 2023/
Solo Show “Materia”, Siesta Gallery, Barcelona /29 June - 31 July/

Bonavista | 27
Con Estilo Home
Amato Sole

Arkami, basque contemporary art gallery, Zarautz, Guipúzcoa

Interview by Culturalia Comunicación
Interview by Emisora Radio Uni FM

Arcilla y cobre at iroko sideboard, by Amato Sole.

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